Create new teams submission folders in your challenge.

new_team(..., path = ".", submissions_dir = "submissions", quiet = FALSE,
  showWarnings = FALSE)


strings. names of the team subdirectories.
string. root path of the challenge. see new_challenge.
string. subdirectory of the submissions. see new_challenge.
logical. deactivate text output.
logical. should the warnings on failure be shown? see dir.create.


The paths of the created teams are returned.


path <- tempdir() wd <- setwd(path) new_challenge()
#> New challenge installed in: "/tmp/Rtmp7NoKFA" #> Next steps to complete the installation: #> 1. Replace the data files in the "data" subdirectory. #> 2. Replace the baseline predictions in "submissions/baseline". #> 3. Customize the template R Markdown file "challenge.rmd" as needed. #> 4. Create and share subdirectories in "submissions" for each team: #> rchallenge::new_team("team_foo", "team_bar", path=".", submissions_dir="submissions") #> 5. Render the HTML page: #> rchallenge::publish("./challenge.rmd") #> 6. Give the URL to "challenge.html" to the participants. #> 7. Automate the updates of the webpage. #> On Unix systems, you can setup the following line to your crontab using "crontab -e": #> 0 * * * * Rscript -e 'rchallenge::publish("/tmp/Rtmp7NoKFA/challenge.rmd")'
new_team("team_foo", "team_bar")
#> Creating team subdirectory: submissions/team_foo #> Creating team subdirectory: submissions/team_bar #> Next step: share the Dropbox folders with the corresponding teams.
setwd(wd) unlink(path)