rchallenge 1.3.0 (23-10-2016)

  • output_dir argument of publish function now defaults to "index.html". Useful for hosting the challenge on a GitHub repo with Github pages.
  • glyphicon is defunct. use icon instead of glyphicon.
  • print_readerr displays a table.
  • get_best returns a single data.frame instead of a list with one data.frame per metric. the ranking can be based on several metrics in a specific order to break ties.
  • update_rank_diff and print_leaderboard take a single data.frame as input

rchallenge 1.2.0 (05-10-2016)

  • output_dir argument of publish function now defaults to the input directory instead of "~/Dropbox/Public" because Dropbox rendering of HTML content is discontinued.

rchallenge 1.1.1 (25-11-2015)

  • fixed bug for “submitted after the deadline”
  • added some comments in template rmd files
  • added overall package documentation

rchallenge 1.1 (16-05-2015)

  • added out_rmdfile argument to new_challenge
  • changed template argument to c("en", "fr")
  • fixed bugs
  • added examples to doc
  • available on CRAN

rchallenge 1.0 (15-04-2015)

  • new name
  • changes in readme
  • new_team can create several teams
  • instructions for windows

rchallenge 0.2 (05-03-2015)

  • exported new_team function
  • suppressed dependency to caret package
  • fixed change of directory in publish
  • improved messages

rchallenge 0.1 (21-01-2015)

  • initial package release
  • easy installation
  • roxygen documentation
  • english and french templates